Sunday, June 15, 2008

Defining the blog

Well, i am sitting here in front of my laptop, after deciding a name for the blog. It was actually interesting to see that even if I had an idea of what I wanted to write in this blog, I didn't realize that putting the concept in one phrase would be so hard.
I tend to be very wordy in my explanations, and worse than that, half of the time I am graphical, that is, I have to draw little pictures about what I am talking about to carry the idea across.
While I don't think this is a bad thing in itself, it makes the process of writing a blog a little bit more difficult.
What I want to do with this blog?
Well, as the title says, I just recently realized (a couple of years ago) that I didn't know how to think. Obviously, the regular day to day stuff, the automatisms of life, are no problem (I am NOT mentally retarded, thank you very much). But I realized that most of the analysis of topics in my life, personal, political, ethical, etc were very superficial, and that if I dug a little bit on them, they actually were full of logical inconsistencies. And I decided that I could try to learn how to think better to avoid this.
I understand that a lot of concepts in life will never be clean cut, because there is actually not a really clear solution. I am fine with that. But most of these concept appear blurry or lack of precision not because of their intrinsic nature, but due to failures in either the flow of my reasoning, the structure of my thinking or other random factors.
Then I realized that one of the best ways of correcting this it to put my ideas, about whatever topic comes through my mind, and post them in a public forum, so if there is a reasoning failure in them, they could be brought to my attention.
I realize that there are hundred of thousands of blogs out there right now, as all of us feel entitled to be important(and that is a great topic for another day!). This entails that the probabilities of me being read by a significant portion of the intelligent Internet sphere is very low. This was a real roadblock for me, until one day I just sat down and wrote down a first draft for my blog, and I realized that I think faster than I type...
You would say at this time "what does that have to do with the topic at hand?" Well, the fact is that by thinking faster than typing, this helps me to have a first step critic. Myself. I was able to see some of my logical inconsistencies and my circular thinking even before I pressed that orange button that says "publish post". Then I realized that even if nobody read the blog, I would be able to get something from it...not that I don't want to be read, but statistically speaking, it is highly likely that my readers would be in the minority or near zero.
And that give me a basal purpose for blogging. And isn't it why we do everything in life that is worth doing? (ah, so typical, finishing a blog with a morally uplifting quote/textbite...I am starting very well...)
I'm going to think another thought

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